About us. We are an international company founded in 1963 and is devoted to the design, production, installation, maintenance, repair and remodelling of lifting devices and mechanical ramps.

Our headquarters has more than 40,000 m² of facilities, including warehouses, machine shops, assembly shops, repair workshops, offices and a Research, Development and Innovation Department (R+D+I), which has lift test towers to test and validate our products prior to their mass production and commercialisation.

We also operate more than 100 local offices which are equipped in accordance with the applicable national and international regulations.

We have a system of quality management for the design, production, assembly, installation and final inspection of lifts which is in compliance with the  lifts regulations 2016.

Sobre embarba ascensores


We focus our efforts on building a better world through technology and achieving sustainable development. Thus, our human capital plays an essential role, taking our values - transparency and innovation - as a reference point. All this based on respect and friendship, both inside and outside our company.


How do we get it?

- Reducing the production of waste in our production center, reducing the consumption of fuel and energy in transport and promoting the reuse and recycling of the products we replace.

Embarba Paragon. Officially in the green

Embarba Paragon is especially considerate of its environmental development in our products. We have high-efficiency motors or use LED technology for lighting

A product created from start to finish

Embarba Paragon performs the total management of the product, taking care of the design, manufacture, customization, installation or maintenance of lifts

Quality is in the DNA of our products

We apply our more than 55 years of experience in the sector to create innovative and long-lasting products. Our quality is certified, since we comply with the ISO 9001

We offer our services very close

We currently have 2 Embarba Paragon branches. One is located in London and the other in Rugeley although we have installed lifts all around the United Kingdom


Embarba has a division of foreign trade which exports lifts and components to Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia, with local trade offices in the countries of these areas. Furthermore, we have branded Technical and Commercial operations in the United Kingdom, Morocco, Peru and Mexico.


Embarba designs, produces and installs more than 1,000 lifting devices annually. We have a customer base for our after-sales service of more than 30,000 installations, about 5,000 being lifts of other brands. For this, we have a human resources team, both direct and indirect, of 800 people spread around Spain Within its expansion policy Embarba forecasts boosting its international presence.

This special care in maintenance has given us numerous certifications of quality and service in our products